Terms & Conditions for 3 Months Zee5 Subscription (1 Month Subscription Redeemable Per Month)

1. This Voucher entitles you to 1 Month Zee5 Subscription every month for 3 consecutive months in select cities of India.

2. Post the issuance of the unique code to the customer, the customer has 30 days to claim the reward from the said Partner Offer code, beyond which the code shall stand invalid. One code can be redeemed only once.

3. The Zee5 Subscription Vouchers are non-refundable, whether you use it or not.

4. This voucher cannot be treated as a cash equivalent under any circumstances or interpretation and the vendor shall under no circumstance exchange the voucher for cash.

5. Validity of Vouchers cannot be extended; new vouchers cannot be provided against the expired/unused Vouchers.

6. The voucher holder is entitled to 3 Zee5 Subscription Vouchers of which a maximum of 1 Voucher can be booked per month for 3 consecutive months.

7. If during any month the quota is not utilized, the un-utilized amount cannot be carried forward and will be forfeited.

8. For Card Validity, please check your email. Failure to activate this card on or before said date will render the card invalid and unusable. In such a case this movie card will not be revalidated or extended under any circumstances.

9. ZEE5 Voucher gets you premium subscription service from ‘ZEE5’. Users get access to unlimited premium content on ZEE5 for the specified period of the subscription on Voucher.

10. The subscription can be used by new ZEE5 users. Those not registered on the service will need to register themselves first.

11. To avail the Zee5 Voucher option, go to www.Zee5.com/ZEE5 application and select the specific plan the Voucher is for. Customer can enter the Voucher details in the E-Gift Card section in the payments options.

12. This service is only available on Web, android app and iOS.

13. The Zee5 Subscription Voucher offers are subject to promotional availability. This E-Gift Card has monetary value only for ZEE5 services or product. It is not transferable, is not for sale or re-sale nor redeemable for cash.

14. ZEE5 accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise for the misuse of the Voucher.

15. Availing the Zee5 Voucher is voluntary, and subscribers need to accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions available at https://www.zee5.com/termsofuse and these Terms & Conditions, including any amendments and modifications here to, which shall be deemed to be binding on them.

Terms and Conditions –Grofers Card (Rs.100 discount voucher )

1. Get Rs.100 as Instant discount through the website (www.grofers.com)/ mobile app using your unique Gift code.
2. Please enter the Gift code received by you in "Promo Code & Bank Offers" on Payment Options Page on Grofers.
3. This will effectively result in Rs.150 instant discount on the transaction on Grofers.
4. This Gift Code will be valid till 1 months (from the date of the issue). No extension for the same will be provided under any circumstances.
5. This Gift Code can be used only once.
6. This Gift Code cannot be used along with other Promo codes or bank offers while making a transaction on Grofers.
7. Delivery charges will be applicable as per minimum order value norms.
8. The gift code does not cover delivery charges, packaging charges, tip amount or any other extra charges applicable on Grofers for order processing. These charges would still be payable additionally after applying the gift code.
9. Gift code is not redeemable for cash or credit. It is also not returnable/ exchangeable/ refundable.
10. Grofers shall not be liable and responsible for any unauthorized and/or fraudulent purchase/s made using this Gift Code.
11. No duplicate Gift Code will be issued
12. This Gift Code is issued by Grofers India Private Limited.
13. This Gift Code is property of Grofers India Private Limited to whom it should be returned on request
14. Grofers reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions at its discretion without prior notice
15. Dispute/s subject to Gurugram jurisdiction
16. The Gift Code is applicable within India in cities where Grofers is operational

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